Monday, May 6, 2013

Well That's Some Strange Vocabulary...

Hello folks,
What's up? Raise your hand if you are also suffering from the Monday Blues. I love learning, and I think the subjects are all very interesting, but I absolutely hate getting back to school after the weekend. Mostly because I need to get out of bed and find my textbooks which every week seem to magically hide themselves from me. I found my world history textbook at the bottom of my laundry basket this morning. How it got there is anyone's guess.
I take Japanese for my foreign language. A couple of weeks ago, I completed Rosetta Stone Japanese, and until this fall when I can take a class at the community college, I've been just studying from various Japanese textbooks. One of them is elementary leveled, and way too easy, but it does have all the grammatical explanations which is nice. I was going through one of the vocabulary lists, and they had all the really basic vocabulary- mother, father, brother, sister, school, work, ect. All very normal. And then I got to a word I didn't recognize. Jinruigaku.
Um, okay....
Meaning: Anthropology.
Why is this word being taught in a elementary Japanese textbook??? I am befuzzled.


  1. Haha that's really funny! I have no clue what anthropology is..... Lol. My friend Raven really wants to learn Japanese, would you maybe consider helping/instructing her??

  2. Replies
    1. Great! I'll let her know and if she's ever stuck on something, then maybe you could help her!


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