Sunday, February 19, 2012


Man am I exhausted.
Why, you ask? Because I stayed up until 4:30 this morning at a friend's birthday slumber party. Happy birthday Kate! And I'm just going to warn you now, I am too exhausted to put together more then a few sentences that make sense. So just expect sentences that make little to no sense and you'll be good. Maybe I wouldn't be so tired if I didn't spend my day before Kate's party at my little sister Christina's party trying to help little 9 and 10 year old girls to put glitter on scrapbook pages, and not the floor.
But the slumber party was fun. Well, fun if you're the type of girl who likes Studio Ghibli movies, vegan ice cream, nail polish, doing makeup, truth or dare, prank calls, and hide-and-go-seek in the dark. Which I am. At the beginning of the party things were semi calm. As it went on, things just got crazier and crazier. Uh, that's why I have blue eyebrows, if you were wondering (thanks Laura!).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The impossible happened....

I never thought this day would come.
I just can't believe it.
After all these years, for the first time...
My sister cleaned. No folks, you didn't misread that. My sister freaking CLEANED! Christina doesn't clean. Ever. We share a room, and I'm always the one who cleans. Whenever I start to clean, or ask Chris to help clean, she runs off and hides. I got really tired of this after about two years. So for the past four or five months I just didn't clean. Our room looked like a hurricane hit it! You literally couldn't see the floor there was so much stuff on it. Christina finally cracked and cleaned. Okay, so it was barely any cleaning, but still! It's a start.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blonde moments to be proud of.

I do not mean to offend any blondes, and I am really sorry if I do. Being blonde does not make you stupid. Some of the smartest people I know are blonde. But call them what you will, blonde moments, being a ditz, bubble head moments, whatever. Everyone has them. And since I take everything to extremes, my blonde moments are truly spectacular. Of course I do the normal stuff, like yell at my sister because I think she has my homework, while holding said homework, and throw my self at a door that has PULL written on it in bright yellow and red letters in a attempt to open it. But I've also done things like light a hot pad on fire and not know it's on fire until someone told me, and I have forgotten my violin at home when I left for my violin lessons. How I can do that, I have no idea.
That's all for now,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brown or neon colors... oh the choice is so hard!

So I am going to say what lots of people have tried to get me to tell them [insert dramatic music here] natural hair color. I have told people a lot of colors that aren't my natural hair color. Heck, I've told people that my natural hair color is black and they've believed me. My natural hair color is dark blonde/light brown. At the moment, my hair is all light purple. The first time my hair got dyed was when I was about 7 (I'm serious!). My aunt bleached it for me. And I stayed blonde for about a year. Then my hair got dyed bright orange. And after getting dyed and redyed and dyed again and then highlighted, add a few weeks of spending the morning in a swimming pool, my hair was at breaking point- Literally! So mother dearest decided I needed to give my poor hair a break. After a few months the orange had faded out. So for a few years my hair was brown/blonde with platinum blonde ends. I got my hair cut, and then was all light brown (most of the time. I happily used temporary hair dye. Ever heard of spray on hair color? It is amazing.). ...I'm rambling. And now you know most of my hair history! But getting to my point. I really like neon colors, but having funky colored hair takes a lot of up keep. And I do like my natural color... so I don't know whether or not to dye it back or not or what color I should dye it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Macadamia Nut!

The macarena is awesome.
Animaniacs is (or would it be are?) awesome.
Put them together, what do you get?