Friday, January 27, 2012

Note to self: keep breathing.

Oh my gosh, I have a violin recital in about a hour. Yikes. Oh jeepers... I also have hair dye in my hair at the moment, and I probably won't have enough time for it to dye my hair the shade I want it to be. Fantastic. Bright purple, by the way. Thinking of doing pink for Valentines day. Or maybe red. Anyone have a opinion? Okay so there really isn't a point to this point except to freak out. Angela is going to film me playing violin (if she can find her camera!), so I can probably post it. Maybe. If I don't screw up. I am playing The Boy Paganini, a Fantasia, by I-Don't-Remember-Who. Edward someone or another.
I'll take a vote now: which is the more exciting thing I've done this week, lighting a hot pad on fire (it was by accident!!!), or performing violin? Technically I haven't done it yet but- I'm just going to stop now, I'm starting to stop making sense.
Wish me luck,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Victorian tea... this shall be fun.

Tomorrow, my Girl Scout troop and I are going to a Victorian tea. I think it's going to be pretty fun. Can't really remember the last time I went to a tea party... about 3 years ago? Something like that. I'm on the edge about whether I should wear glitter eyeliner or not. Glitter eyeliner is awesome, but let me tell you- it's really painful to get glitter in your eye! Oh, and the whole people from the Victorian era would never ever wear glitter eyeliner thing. They actually wouldn't wear that much makeup at all. Maybe a little powder. They would wear very fancy hats. And would also wear really complicated buns, or crimp their hair, or wear sugar curls. I'm going with a bun. Angela has a awesome costume. She sewed it herself, and it is really awesome. Christina is wearing a pretty white dress with a blue pattern, and I'm going to curl her hair. I'm wearing a gorgeous, fluffy, pink dress. And my big, black, worn out boots. Or I could wear my nice high heels. Not that it would matter anyway; the dress is floor length.
I have a violin recital this Friday! Yay! Kinda really excited about it. It's going to be really small, but still. I really like the piece I'm going to be playing. Angela has agreed to film me playing, so I'll post the video. But after the recital I'm going to be really sad, 'cause like I said, I really like this piece. After the recital, I'm going to be done with it. But being done with it also means I'm going to be getting new music. And I do like new music.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pictures, anyone?

Photography is really Angela's thing. She used to want to be a professional photographer, not sure if she still does. But I also take pictures (but not nearly as much as she used to!). Thanks Maya for posting those really pretty pictures, you've inspired to post some of my pictures!
(Wait... do you even read my blog?)

I took these all on different days, but all around the same time. One of the benefits of being a morning person is that you get to see all the beautiful sunrises. Last summer Angela and I got up at 5:40 AM one morning to go and see the sunrise. And the clouds. I positively adore clouds. I have often stopped walking abruptly to look up at the clouds. This is not a advisable thing to do, especially if there is someone walking behind you. Voice of experience talking here.



Saturday, January 14, 2012

I have a love/hate relationship with hair curlers.

I remember when I was about 4 (yes I do! Gosh, why does everyone find this so hard to believe?), and every now and then my mommy dearest would put my hair in little rag curlers Saturday night so I would have curls Sunday. I looked adorable. There are some people that you can blackmail with their baby pictures, I am not one of them. I am the type of person who will happily bring out a photo album of photos of me when I was a baby and start showing everyone. Come to think of it, I think I have done that... anyways. Back to the original subject. For Christmas I got hair curlers, and I have been using them, 'cause I really like curls and having my hair curly, but unfortunately, my hair is naturally poker straight and ultra fine. So if I use a hot iron my hair is like, poof! (Unless I use a lot of hair spray.) So curlers work a lot better for me. Most curlers are really uncomfortable to sleep in, though. I mean, the classic hair curler is a little sponge-thing with a plastic stick stuck through it. Of course it's going to be uncomfortable! And the plastic is always really hard to click into place. But the ones I got are super easy to use- you just take a little bit of hair, wrap it around the curler, and then bend the wires to hold it in place. It looks and feels like you have a bunch of marshmallows in your hair. Except these are a lot easier to get out (note to self: do not annoy little brother while he has a roasted marshmallow on a long stick,). First time I used the curlers my hair looked like a poodle. From the 80s. It was really something else. Second time I used them, I looked like Shirley Temple. Not exactly what I was expecting. Third time I used them, they didn't curl. I took them out and my hair was still straight. That was really not what I had expected. (Although it may have been because I dyed my hair light purple the night before, so it may have been weighed down by all the conditioner.). And about half a hour ago I took the curlers out of my hair. All I could think was, "my hair has been replaced by a bunch of purple worms". It seriously looked like that. Curlers are such deceiving things. If you have any stories about hair curlers, don't keep them to yourself, please share.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

So I have been trying a new hairstyle everyday this week, but I haven't posted about any. Sorry, but none of them were worth it. Except this one. It took about a half-hour to get my hair up into this 'do, a lot of Aqua Net (I now understand why in books if a character has a beehive, the main character might say they could smell the Aqua Net from 15 ft away!), and I lost a few bobby pins in my hair, which I didn't find until I dyed my hair again that night. I will not be doing this hairstyle again anytime soon. It took longer to take out then it did to style my hair. Angela hacked into my account and posted about my hair once I took the beehive down, so you can kinda see how bad it was. Here is a good, sideways picture of it looking good.

Beehives are hard to do! More so on my hair, 'cause my hair has zero volume naturally.



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

La La La

Hey guys. This is Angela. (Again!)

Just thought I'd do a post for my sister, seeing how she's busy trying to find her bobby pins.


In her hair.


No, I'm not kidding. Allow me to share a photo I just took of her.

Yes. That is Veela. It's a bad photo, with bad lighting, and bad hair. Because she took the beehive out. Of her hair. Not a real beehive, which is what a friend asked.


It's a hairstyle.

So, yes. I just wanted to come on here to poke fun at my sister's hair. (Which, granted, looked pretty cool at the beginning.) But it's also because she won't let me change her "about me" around anymore.

...Ah well.

Toodloo, y'all! See ya. ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hair for a week!

Who here hasn't looked at someone and seen their ultra complicated braids that looked like it took hours to braid with at least 5 different types of braids, or seen someone's hair in a bun that seemed to break the laws of gravity and wished it was their hair? Most people know how to do a basic bun, or braid. And most people are happy with just that knowledge. But there always comes the moment when you think "I wish I could do that!". Been there, done that. Now I need something new to do. So I am going to do a week in hairstyles, starting Monday. And all the pictures are going to be sideways (Photoshop is still not working!). I hope this video makes your day (or at least really weirds you out).

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh botheration.

Hello again.
Alright, so I found out how to put my hair up into a "hair bow" (think Lady Gaga), and I was going to post a picture of my fabulous 'do for all you guys to see, and I still might be able to, but Photoshop hasn't been working very well. So my picture is going to be sideways. 'Kay? It took forever to find lighting that didn't make my face look paper white and my hair bright orange. I ended up standing in a doorway (as you can probably see.).

What do you think? I also know how to do a hair bow with only part of my hair, but I didn't feel like digging out the curling iron. The only bad part about this style is that you can't see that the ends of my hair are purple. Oh well. And a really good thing about this style, is that if you fall asleep in it, it will more or less stay! If you guys have any hairstyles you want me to try out, just let me know.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year, people and aliens!

First off, I would like to welcome any aliens from distant planets who are visiting earth (hey, you never know who your audience will be!). I would also like to say a friendly "hello" to my fellow earthlings. 2012 is going to rock. Thank you for taking time out of your probably hectic life to read my blog. Please keep reading it. In fact, why don't you tell all your friends to also read my blog? I would be eternally grateful.
This year, I SHALL KEEP MY RESOLUTIONS. I really will. I would post the resolutions I made last year, as well as the ones for this year, but, I, uh... don't recall what they were. Oops. But the ones for this year are:

1. Learn how to flip out like a ninja. Let's have a show of hands, who here doesn't want to learn how to flip out like a ninja? No one? Thought so.

2. Drink more water. It sounds silly, but I really should be drinking more water.

3. Learn the basics of piano. Supposedly it will help me be a better musician. I wonder if I can convince Angela to give my lessons.... probably not (but maybe I can blackmail her- oh wait, I don't have anything to blackmail her with. Bummer.).

4. Learn a new thing everyday.

5. Stop doing Western Civ. the night before it's due. Procrastination isn't one of my finer qualities.

And that's the first five things. Of my list of about a hundred things. What's the chance on me keeping even one of them? Slim. Very, very slim.