Friday, January 27, 2012

Note to self: keep breathing.

Oh my gosh, I have a violin recital in about a hour. Yikes. Oh jeepers... I also have hair dye in my hair at the moment, and I probably won't have enough time for it to dye my hair the shade I want it to be. Fantastic. Bright purple, by the way. Thinking of doing pink for Valentines day. Or maybe red. Anyone have a opinion? Okay so there really isn't a point to this point except to freak out. Angela is going to film me playing violin (if she can find her camera!), so I can probably post it. Maybe. If I don't screw up. I am playing The Boy Paganini, a Fantasia, by I-Don't-Remember-Who. Edward someone or another.
I'll take a vote now: which is the more exciting thing I've done this week, lighting a hot pad on fire (it was by accident!!!), or performing violin? Technically I haven't done it yet but- I'm just going to stop now, I'm starting to stop making sense.
Wish me luck,

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