Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year, people and aliens!

First off, I would like to welcome any aliens from distant planets who are visiting earth (hey, you never know who your audience will be!). I would also like to say a friendly "hello" to my fellow earthlings. 2012 is going to rock. Thank you for taking time out of your probably hectic life to read my blog. Please keep reading it. In fact, why don't you tell all your friends to also read my blog? I would be eternally grateful.
This year, I SHALL KEEP MY RESOLUTIONS. I really will. I would post the resolutions I made last year, as well as the ones for this year, but, I, uh... don't recall what they were. Oops. But the ones for this year are:

1. Learn how to flip out like a ninja. Let's have a show of hands, who here doesn't want to learn how to flip out like a ninja? No one? Thought so.

2. Drink more water. It sounds silly, but I really should be drinking more water.

3. Learn the basics of piano. Supposedly it will help me be a better musician. I wonder if I can convince Angela to give my lessons.... probably not (but maybe I can blackmail her- oh wait, I don't have anything to blackmail her with. Bummer.).

4. Learn a new thing everyday.

5. Stop doing Western Civ. the night before it's due. Procrastination isn't one of my finer qualities.

And that's the first five things. Of my list of about a hundred things. What's the chance on me keeping even one of them? Slim. Very, very slim.


  1. Drinking more water doesn't sound silly in fact that's one of my new years resolutions too.

  2. Maybe it is just my hair that's crazy :)Happy New Year!

  3. Great resolutions =) And I love your pink-ish hair, it's adorable.
    xox, Maya


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