Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys, merry Christmas!
Holidays are loads of fun but totally exhausting. Well, at least they are for me. Traveling is so discombobulating! Especially car rides with dogs who will slobber all over you. Luckily the main slobber-er dog rode with my dad. Us kids who went with mother dearest got the dog who jumps up on you with really sharp nails. Yowza! But I survived (thanks to my iPod and hat).
My wonderful little sister, Christina, got me a really awesome hat (it even has pockets! And little ears!), so I'm going to post a picture of me wearing it so you can see just how fabulous it is. I ended up taking a picture of me in the mirror because Chris can't work my camera to save her life. And I'm not that good of a photographer (at all), so it isn't that great of a picture, but you can see the hat.

Fabulous, is it not? Well, I better get back to what I'm actually supposed to be doing- cleaning my wrecked room. More on why it's wrecked when I finish cleaning.

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