Sunday, December 18, 2011

In which I realize my little sister will do anything I ask her to do

To say my little four year old sister positively adores me is a understatement. Although she will slap my wrist if I snitch cookie dough, Monica is really sweet. Most of the time. Although she talks more then even I do(which is really hard to accomplish- I'm what Angela calls a extreme extrovert), most of the time her constant chatter is cute. My oh-so-adorable 'lil sis does almost everything I ask her to do. About ten minutes ago I asked her if she could brush my hair; she's still brushing. Now she's... AHHHH, WET! Great. She just decided she doesn't like my current hair color, so she poured some water on my head to try to wash it out. This is just swell. Good thing this hair dye is semi-permanent not temporary. But now I'm wet. Oh well. I'm not the Wicked Witch- I won't melt. But speaking of my hair color, I dyed it again! The purple has faded a bit, but what do you think? I used Manic Panic in Purple Haze.

Like? Much better then how it was before- orange/pink/brown, due to a bad dye job with bad dye. Yeah I think I rather like this purple. Any suggestions on what color I should dye my hair next? No natural colors, please. And here's a picture of said little sister who just poured water on my head.

Cute. Very cute.


  1. Love the purple!! I wish I had the confidence to dye my hair bright :/

  2. Thanks! Well if you ever do dye your hair a funky color, don't use Splot hair color. That stuff will give you the hair that you're afraid you might get if your try to dye your hair.


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