Thursday, January 12, 2012

So I have been trying a new hairstyle everyday this week, but I haven't posted about any. Sorry, but none of them were worth it. Except this one. It took about a half-hour to get my hair up into this 'do, a lot of Aqua Net (I now understand why in books if a character has a beehive, the main character might say they could smell the Aqua Net from 15 ft away!), and I lost a few bobby pins in my hair, which I didn't find until I dyed my hair again that night. I will not be doing this hairstyle again anytime soon. It took longer to take out then it did to style my hair. Angela hacked into my account and posted about my hair once I took the beehive down, so you can kinda see how bad it was. Here is a good, sideways picture of it looking good.

Beehives are hard to do! More so on my hair, 'cause my hair has zero volume naturally.



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