Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hair for a week!

Who here hasn't looked at someone and seen their ultra complicated braids that looked like it took hours to braid with at least 5 different types of braids, or seen someone's hair in a bun that seemed to break the laws of gravity and wished it was their hair? Most people know how to do a basic bun, or braid. And most people are happy with just that knowledge. But there always comes the moment when you think "I wish I could do that!". Been there, done that. Now I need something new to do. So I am going to do a week in hairstyles, starting Monday. And all the pictures are going to be sideways (Photoshop is still not working!). I hope this video makes your day (or at least really weirds you out).


  1. O.M.G
    My friend showed me this song!!! I find it incredibly strange, but the music becomes catchy. I broke down and bought it on itunes :D

  2. Oh, and you just got a new follower(:


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