Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blue! Wait, Purple... No....

Hello folks.
   Ah, the crazy season of cookies and Christmas and holiday cheer is in full swing at my house. Lots of cookies. And pretty, festive lights. And somehow, during the midst of this madness, I managed to find the time to dye my hair. It is no longer platinum blonde. Now it's a warm, medium blonde, with blue/purple streaks. I tried a new brand of hair dye. It's called RAW Color, and it can only be bought at Hot Topic. I tried Deep Purple. I love purple hair.
RAW Deep Purple Demi-Permanent Hair Color

It looks like a really pretty purple . Let me tell you something, IT LIES!!!! I died my hair yesterday, and the dye just looked dark. That is perfectly normal. The stains I left all over the bathroom looked purple (which is also pretty normal). But when I rinsed the dye out, my hair was blue. Not blue purple. Blue blue. It looks good and all, but it was so not what I was going for. Today when I washed my hair, the water was all blue, and the shampoo's foam was purple. Now the hair is slightly more purple. This dye also bleeds into the hair by the dyed section. Just a warning. So my hair is now blonde/light blue/dark blue/purple/grey-ish blonde. Fascinating combination.



So here is what it kinda looks like. You can't see all the colors. And I'm upside down.

I can not make a duckface. That makes me sad.


  1. Will you post a picture? :) I would love to see it!

    1. If I can locate my camera, I shall take a picture. Or never mind. I'll just take my sister's camera.


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