Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eye Mustaches

Hey guys!
I'd just like to bring appreciation to my two year old brother's word for eyebrows; Eye mustaches. I kid you not. He really does call them that. He got very mad at my mother, because they were playing with one of those toys that have a blank magnetic face with stick on facial features, and mumma kept trying to put eyes on it, but my darling little brother would have none of that. His reason? Attached to the eyes were what he dubbed "Eye Mustaches". Dad tried to explain that those were just eyebrows, and most people have them. He took off his glasses to show him he had eyebrows, which was a mistake. Philip then proceed to grab our dad's eyebrows while screaming "WHY YOU HAVE EYE MUSTACHE?? EYE MUSTACHE BAD!" .
So there's a two year old for you.

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