Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring, At Last!

Hello dearies,

This has been a darn long winter. It has gotten to the point where I have divided the temperature into "warm", and "cold". Warm is above freezing. Cold is below. I consider 33 degrees to be warm. Maybe this is a little sad. Maybe.
It was, in fact, warm for a time. It was 50 degrees!! The snow melted, the birds were out, and it seemed that spring was on its way. That hope was mercilessly crushed the next day when the temperature plummeted enough that puddles could be skated on.

Where are you spring?! I am done. Hear me? DONE. At the beginning of winter, this is me, begging, pleading, and generally being a nuisance until someone agrees to go play.

Annnnndd this is me now when the idea of being in the cold for an unnecessary amount of time is brought up.

So, whenever you want to make an appearance, spring, I am ready. I am so ready.


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