Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a lovely summer day in... March?

*Happy dance* I finished reading the Western Civilization textbook! That thing was 979 pages long, and I am DONE reading it. I'm really happy about that. But now I just have new, different reading. Which hopefully won't take that long to read.
Anyways, today is so warm it's just ridiculous. Hard to believe there was snow here a few weeks back when we're all running around barefooted. And eating ice cream. Man, can't March make up it's mind about being warm or cold? I have to stick my hand out the door just to know whether to bundle up in sweaters or go out in a tank top and shorts. It has though been nice enough lately that I've been able to go take my violin and go play outside. If you don't play anything, or haven't ever tried playing outside, it is amazing (when your music doesn't fly off your stand and land in the mud).

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  1. I know what you mean one day it's freezing the next it's super super hot!


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