Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GS Camp.

Girl Scout camp. It's really quite fun, if you know what to expect and come prepared. I'm going to GS camp again this year with Angela and Christina, and we've figured out some basic guidelines for going to camp. Just thought I'd share them with ya 'cause I'm nice that way.

1. Be a early bird! Okay, if you're not a morning person, now is a good time to start being one. You will be woken up at 7:00*, and will be expected to be on the road by 7:15*. This does not give you that much time to get up, get dressed, wash up, scrub-a-dub teeth, brush hair, if hair is long, put hair up, find shoes and at least semi-clean socks, put sunscreen on, make your bed, find your water bottle, hat, and anything else you might need later that day, and drag any cabin mates who refuse to get up out of bed, and shove some shoes on their feet. It shall make you life a whole lot easier if you get up a half hour earlier.

2. Avoid any meat served at the cafeteria. Especially the chicken (or salted cardboard. No one is really quite sure which one it really is). Most of the food is bearable, but not the meat. Ick.

Mother dearest is kicking me off the computer, so bye!

*These times will vary depending on which camp and program you're going to, and how far your camp ground is from the cafeteria.

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