Friday, March 2, 2012

Warning: sister has scissors!!!

I let Angela cut my hair. I had long hair. She hacked at it with scissors. I lost a lot of hair. Goodbye, my hair. Oh how I shall miss braiding you into fancy braids, and tossing my hair to hit someone in the face. No longer shall I be able to put my hair into beehives that are nearly impossible to get out. And no more shall I wake up with crazy bedhead that takes forever and a day to get out, or spend hours in the bathroom combing Manic Panic through my long, long hair with a toothbrush.
Haha, sorry, I just had to do that. I actually really like my new 'do. It's adorable, and quite a bit shorter, but that just means I'll use less dye when I dye. And I have NO SPLIT ENDS at the moment! I hate split ends. Holy bananas do I hate split ends. But moving past the whole hair cut thing, I have three violin performances coming up. Yay! One is my homeschool group's talent show, one is a violin workshop, and the last is my big once a year recital. Don't know what I'm going to play for that one.

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